Business leaders LOVE metrics – KPIs, OKRs, P&Ls, ROI, NPS, ESS, YOY – we can’t get enough. We analyze our dashboards like we work for NASA.

And then, armed with our mountain of metrics, we march up to our low performers and say “We need to talk about your numbers”. And then, after we congratulate ourselves for “holding them accountable”, we go back to our office…and hope the numbers change.

This perpetual reaction to lag measures is a tired relic of the industrial revolution. High-performing leaders know that managing to metrics DOES NOT create winning teams.

Want proof? Look at sports. It’s unthinkable for a sports coach to sit in their office poring over stats, then summoning the players after the game to speculate over why they lost.

Don’t get me wrong – measurement matters. But metrics are an outcome – the sum of all the correct and incorrect BEHAVIORS that precede them. When you manage behaviors, you get better results…fast.

This article provides several good examples of how leaders can start to balance extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. Companies that master behavior-based management are more profitable, more resilient and more respected by employees and the customers they serve.