Having a hard time hiring?

Welcome to your unfair advantage.

Having a hard time hiring?


Welcome to your

unfair advantage.


Here’s the catch:

If you don’t fix retention first, new hires will just keep quitting.

And by the way, it’s not about money or “Millennials.”

How long can you afford to wait?

What we do:

Upfront helps managers maximize retention & performance in 30 days with simple, behavioral coaching tools focused on your key profit drivers.

Yeah…you can do both.

Your business on Upfront:

I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. It makes my job so much easier.

Kennedy N., Frontline Manager

We’ve seen such a change – in the numbers, in our overall culture, attitudes, and so much more. It’s like an 18-month consulting engagement in just a few days.

Ronak S., Owner

What would happen to your business if you could cut turnover in half in 30 days?

Here’s a hint…and why we’re the force multiplier for leading consumer service brands.


75% increase in retention

52% EBITDA increase

43%increase in sales conversion 

33-point increase in NPS


OK, but how?


Clarify your master list of “non-negotiable” behaviors that truly drive CX and profitability, so everyone knows what’s expected.


Equip managers with a custom Performance Playbook to focus them on the highest priority people and behaviors every day, so teams start getting more wins.


Teach managers how to have effective behavior-change conversations in 4 minutes, so they stop avoiding accountability, and employees stop quitting.


Enable multi-unit leaders to monitor manager coaching and measure engagement in real-time so you get consistent results.

We’re you

Why work with us? Because we’ve felt your pain. 

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience operating thousands of locations in emerging and established consumer brands.  We know frontline businesses have different challenges.  And we know you can’t solve them with fancy hiring or training systems. 

So we built Upfront for our frontline teams, and it works. Fast.

Now, we help high-potential, metrics-driven companies optimize people and performance in days, not months.  If you’re ready to break the frustrating “hire-train-repeat” cycle and scale your business, let’s talk. 

Get more wins

Winning teams excel at execution. Nothing has a greater impact on your revenue, risk, and reputation. Throw in the current state of rapid change, and the ability to execute is more valuable than ever.

What tools do your managers use to solve turnover?

What system do you have to ensure frontline teams execute the right things every day?

In an uncertain world, there are two types of leaders: the ones who hope, and the ones who act. Be the inspiring leader your team needs to change, grow and win. 

Find out everything you need to know in one 30-minute chat.